OffsiteCentral provides the modern solution to the age-old problem of how to produce business documents in a timely and cost efficient way. Your time is not best spent typing documents and/or organising temp staff (and neither is your PA's time). So, send us your digitally recorded dictation and we will (miraculously) respond with print-ready documents the next day. Check out our 'Service overview' page for more details, and email us to get cracking. We'd love to hear from you.

What we do

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    We help you run a more efficient business

    OffsiteCentral provides a full-time, overflow and temp transcription service to all UK-based professionals, freeing you up to grow your business. More…

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    We care about what we do

    With extensive experience in typing documents for valuers, surveyors, lawyers, doctors, market researchers, and more, we are confident that we can meet anybody's high standards. In fact, nobody sets higher standards for ourselves, than us. More…

What you do

  • Record

    Record ...

    Record your dictation using a digital voice recorder.

  • Send

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    Upload your audio files to our ftp site (or just email us).

  • Receive

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    Receive your typed documents back the next morning.


OffsiteCentral Ltd

We are a New Zealand company, established in 2001, that spans the globe to offer UK clients an efficient, friendly, high quality transcription service. We have a strong work ethic and won't be happy unless you are happy. We want to help you make your business cost-efficient and effective. Trust us with your documentation - you won't regret it.

The Director of OffsiteCentral Ltd is Melanie Hastings (nee Bhagat) LLB (Hons). With a background in legal and professional publishing, Melanie was Business Development Manager for Primary Law Products at Sweet and Maxwell Ltd (legal publishers), London, prior to setting up OffsiteCentral in Auckland, New Zealand.