Service overview

Here at OffsiteCentral Ltd we transcribe, format and proofread your digitally recorded dictation files. OffsiteCentral is based in New Zealand, so we offer our high quality transcription service to UK-based professionals - enabling you to send us your dictation at the end of the day, and to receive print-ready documents back first thing the next morning.

How OffsiteCentral's service works

Step 1: You dictate your documents onto a digital voice recorder.
Step 2: You send us your digital voice files. We have a secure ftp site, which we prefer that you upload your files to. However if you wish to simply email them, we can accommodate this preference. When you first use our service, you can also send us your templates and house style instructions, which we will keep on record and use whenever we transcribe your dictation.
Step 3: We transcribe your files, using the appropriate templates and formatting, and proofread them. We then return your documents to you, either by uploading them to our ftp site for you to download, or by emailing them to you.

When can you use us?

For full-time support Enjoy the benefits of knowing we are always here offering unlimited full-time cover, but pay only when you use us.
For overflow and peak-time support Maintain streamlined resources in-house, but supplement them with OffsiteCentral's cover to handle peak demand periods and unpredictable workflow.
For temporary cover and special projects During staff holidays, for sick cover and special projects - avoid temp agency rates, training and idle-time costs.


OffsiteCentral Ltd

We are a New Zealand company, established in 2001, that spans the globe to offer UK clients an efficient, friendly, high quality transcription service. We have a strong work ethic and won't be happy unless you are happy. We want to help you make your business cost-efficient and effective. Trust us with your documentation - you won't regret it.

The Director of OffsiteCentral Ltd is Melanie Hastings (nee Bhagat) LLB (Hons). With a background in legal and professional publishing, Melanie was Business Development Manager for Primary Law Products at Sweet and Maxwell Ltd (legal publishers), London, prior to setting up OffsiteCentral in Auckland, New Zealand.