Benefits of the service

The old clunky typewriter has pretty much disappeared from offices now, but perhaps you are still creating documents in a time and cost inefficient way?

* Perhaps you are tapping your letters out on your keyboard with one finger when you would rather be concentrating on building your business?
* Perhaps you have to provide office space and a computer for a temp, who twiddles their thumbs while you desperately try to complete your dictation? Not to mention the time you spend educating each new temp about house style and templates.
* Perhaps you are using your PA's valuable time to type your letters and documents, when their knowledge of your business and clients means that it might be better used for client liaison or marketing?

You can eliminate all these common problems by recording your dictation to a digital voice recorder and uploading it to our ftp site. We will type your files overnight, into your own templates, applying your own house style, and return them to you promptly the next morning.

How can we help?

Using OffsiteCentral lets you:
* Free up in-house staff to focus on adding value to your business
* Increase your productivity - independent proofreading means you spend much less time checking and correcting your documents
* Rest easy - knowing that we will respect confidentiality of your documents

How can we save you money?

By outsourcing your transcription requirements to us, you will save on the following costs:
* Recruitment of in-house word processing operators
* Management time on induction and training
* Time spent explaining your systems or preferences each time you use us (unlike when using a temp)
* Sick pay
* Holiday pay
* Staff (or temp) downtime
* Office space
* Workstation and equipment (eg computer, software, desk, chair, telephone, voice mail)
* No booking fees and no minimum usage terms

OffsiteCentral Ltd

We are a New Zealand company, established in 2001, that spans the globe to offer UK clients an efficient, friendly, high quality transcription service. We have a strong work ethic and won't be happy unless you are happy. We want to help you make your business cost-efficient and effective. Trust us with your documentation - you won't regret it.

The Director of OffsiteCentral Ltd is Melanie Hastings (nee Bhagat) LLB (Hons). With a background in legal and professional publishing, Melanie was Business Development Manager for Primary Law Products at Sweet and Maxwell Ltd (legal publishers), London, prior to setting up OffsiteCentral in Auckland, New Zealand.